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Cement tiles

Cement tile restorations in Melbourne

Restoring your cement tile roof is more than just making it look good again. It means cleaning, repointing, resealing and repairing individual tiles so it can be energy efficient, waterproof and durable. 

A cement roof needs to be restored every 20 years in order to prevent leaks, decay or mould. Periodic restoration will help increase the value of your home and business whilst also greatly extending the life of your roof. This investment will, in turn, save you money.

Our roofing materials are Australian tested and approved 

cement roof tiles
We begin each job by performing a complete inspection to make sure we do not miss any work that needs to be done. 

We then will replace all broken cement tiles to ensure every part of your roof is waterproof.

High-pressure cleaning 
We will make sure to clear the entirety of your roof of moss, pollution, lichen, debris or dirt using water pressure at 4000psi.

Valley irons 
All old, rusted valley irons will be removed and then replaced with new irons. 

All flashings are checked and will be repaired or replaced if necessary.
cement tile roof
We will remove all old cement bedding (mortar) and will  clean the surface before replacement.

All the ridge, hip, gable and valley tiles will be repointed with a specialty formulated, flexible compound that will not crack.

Cleaning gutters
We will clean all gutters, making sure that all leaves, dirt, rubble and debris are removed.

Painting of the roof
We use a Regent 4-coat painting system. 
  • Coat 1 – Antifungal spray is applied
  • Coat 2 – Sealer/primer coat is applied
  • Coat 3 – Colour coat is sprayed
  • Coat 4 – Top coat of colour is applied
Spare tiles
It is always wise to have some spare tiles, just in case. We always leave at least 6 spare tiles at each job for individual tile replacements.
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